List of Pentest Blogs to Follow

Most of the penetration testers have their own blog or website where they share their research, techniques or personal tools. Keeping a list of well-known blogs to follow it will allow you to learn about a specific technique which it cannot be found on books or a new script that will assist you during your daily penetration testing activities.

Below is a list of some of the most popular blogs which are recommended to follow and read:


List of Pentest Twitter Accounts

One of the questions that university students with an interest in the field of penetration test are having is how they can keep up to date with the latest news, tools and techniques. The answer is simple since the majority of the InfoSec people exist on Twitter and they use it as a platform for sharing knowledge, tools and ideas.

If a major vulnerability is discovered or there is a data breach then this is going to be discussed over Twitter. It is really important to follow the correct people so you can have all the latest news on your timeline.

It is recommended to create a Twitter account if you don’t have already one and to follow the accounts below: